Fondovalle. Side to side.

I spent the Easter Holidays in the Alps with my parents. While there i tried to follow my long going visual projects. I can't really call it a series. I am not even sure that a series, as the just ended one, works well when it comes to blogs. Here is a view of the bottom of the valley side to side. From south-east to north-west. The transition from light to shadow are always harsh, as life was in these places. An interesting thing is the natural clock made by the blossoming line of the cherry trees (you can spot them as the lightest trees on the opposite side). At the moment of the picture the line was at 700/800 meters. The clock will complete its cycle at 1400 meters in May. The side from which the picture was taken is the one that gets less light during any season. People living on this side formely named the ones in the sunny side "cech" (ciechi/blinds), the real "Costiera dei cech" (side of the blinds) is, however, in the lower part of Valtellina (the name of the valley). The area in observation is in the upper trunk of the valley, it is also called "Alta Valtellina" (Alta is for High). The location is here.

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