Fondovalle. Light transitions #1

A character of Alpine places, as in the case of the area observed in "fondovalle", is the great contrast between light and shadows. Contrary to what recommended in the photographic manuals in this case there never is something like the golden hours. When light appears in the morning, from behind the peaks, the sun is already high in the sky. The same goes for the late afternoon where it disappears ways before sunset. This kind of light has its part in the general rough look of the central Alps landscape united with the steepness of the mountain flanks. Interestingly this harshness transpires in local people's characters, it's not certainly the land of the shades of gray, albeit light gray, the color of the granite sands and rocks, was the dominant color in vernacular buildings till 20 years ago. The picture was taken in December 2008 at midday. here is the location.

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