Corsica. Burned out

Wildfires sweeping across the Mediterranean coasts are quite common each summer. All of them are man made, what is less usual is new vegetation growing instead of some "carefully designed to fit the environment" buildings. I've found this interesting article on the topic.

In this case we are on the thrown out of the window cigarette, I've got to this supposition given the proximity to a road connecting to a beautiful beach. Generally pyromaniacs tend to operate in hard to reach places.


Kent Wiley said...

Any idea how long it's been since these trees burned?

Unknown said...

Not exactly. Did not find any reference. I suppose, given the growth of the Pines, that it happened 4 to 6 years ago (maybe even a bit more). Maybe the linked article may give you some pointers to evaluate it. The real problem is the soil. It has a very thin layer of humus that required several centuries to develop. The fire destroys it, sometimes completely (as in the case of the recent fires in Liguria but more on that in a few months).