I always appreciate smart marketing moves. In the photo accessory marketing things must be quite difficult. Every body sells, more or less, the same stuff. A couple of big producers recently introduced video in their DSLRs. Bingo! Every body is speaking about. So here is my turn.
Convergence happens at the end of the chain, not at the beginning. The convergence already happened. People wants to see video, pictures and what else on a screen and a HD one. That is the convergence. Content production follows the demand.

This thing is also happening with prints. Users want to look at pictures with a video. So the demand for low cost but color friendly screens is going up. And production is preparing to fulfill the demand. This may be bad news for the ones making a job selling prints (still have to know one) but it is otherwise good news for the environment (did you consider how polluting are the inks and the plastic papers of your ink jets). And is also good news for photographers interested in not having a split personality: one for web and one for the prints or the book.

I know, a lot of you will think that the feeling of a print will never be matched... Well to have a reasonable living illusion is sometimes a necessity.

For something more precise and technical see this article on The Luminous Landscape.

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