roundabout #2

Roundabouts as a traffic regulator are around from a lot of time. As usual we Italians discovered them late and now, in a great hurry and without thinking to much about it, we are distributing them everywhere. I run across this one near the place where I lived my youngest years of life. I am working photographically on these places as a mean to regain some "sense of place" that I lost for a lot of reasons. However alienation seems to me the best word to describe my feelings. People here went to a total separation from the land in which they live. I do not know if this has some connection but in the Sondrio province suicide is 5 times higher then in the rest of Italy. A few ones have pointed out that the fracture between everyday life and the land could be one of the causes. I do not want to get into, as a photographer, albeit amateur, I just want to look at.

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