From the statistics I see that a lot of you are from USA and I suppose that some are Obama voters.

Regarding the recent poor performance of our Prime Minister (Mr. Berlusconi) I have to say that I am ashamed for the words he recently used mentioning your new President.

Hope you can understand that his party represents only a part or us Italians and certainly not me. He is, anyway, the President of the Government of my Country so here are my sincere apologies.



Thomas said...

With these continous comments from italian headquartes of politics the decision to move on to another european country will be easier. You don't have to see only the negative aspects!

Unknown said...

Thomas I do not see only negative aspects. Fact is that it is not a great chance to move to another country. Actually I like a lot of things of this country (Mostly frescoes and Art in general). I do not think that having to go away is an alternative (I have already been moved a lot along my life). Last year I considered to get back to Canada, but at the end I fear to get to much bored with all those forests :-D