Sassello January 2009 #13. A sense of place.

This picture closes the first part of the series. The series, as I wrote at the beginning, is a personal view of a familiar place in a point in time. The first part, the one ending here, was geared toward experimenting broad landscape views following some classic composition. In this case I found myself naturally lend to the horizontal format framing while composing. Coming from decades of slides I got used to compose rectangularly. Composing squarely in the viewfinder is made somewhat easier by the grid my viewfinder has. I still have some difficulties pre visualizing in square format. Fortunately the slide and print service times are long gone thanks to digitalization.

On the subject side the views presented till now are about vernacular architecture. The landscape is artificial, several millenniums of human presence adapted it in every aspect. The youth of most of the woods is a clear statement itself. From the seventies there have been a progressive abandonment of several rural areas. My relation with the landscape is that of the outsider. One that not in its direct transformation, although it could be questionable for a photographer to be considered as an outsider along this sole parameter.

While some photographers that I follow are more on the side of poetry I feel myself more oriented to the tale. Maybe it is an heritage from the slide times too.

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