Corsica. Rocks #3

Casteddu de Cuccuruzzu, Alta Rocca Corsica France

Pianottoli- Caldarello Corsica France

Pianottoli - Caldarello Corsica France

PS: Anybody out there who has the idea of how to avoid blogger brain dead processing of pictures of any size ? I'm getting mad at those jpeg blotches appearing every where. Tried to shrink the image at 750px but there seems no way to avoid a processing. I'm not speaking of the embedded one but the image in the popup which is supposedly the original (and the size is the same).


Kent Wiley said...

I'm really enjoying your Corsica photos Mauro. Keep 'em coming.

Mike C. said...

Me, too. The way you've captured that clarity and range of light without succumbing to its "prettiness" is admirable. (Hope that sounds like the compliment it's meant to be!)

Unknown said...

Thank Kent and Mike.

Mike, your comment is encouraging and well understood. The boundary between prettiness and non prettiness (let's stay on the Tao just not to get into) is still unknown to me though,
I do not have an idea if there is an english equivalent of the Italian "cartolinesco" that includes a disparaging flavor.

One of my last last tries is to use a verisimilitude in colors and tones. Still need to make some more experimenting in ways to remember the colors as a reference. Working on the sole color temperature, with a white reference, is not so universal nor perceptually realistic.

Joe Reifer said...

Not many photographers would put a propane tank front and center in an image - the honesty and subtle humor of these compositions is refreshing.