roundabout #1

As I mentioned some post before one of my aims at landscape is to depict an ever changing world. In this case and for a few of next post I would like to make some considerations, either visual either written, about the possible use of photography as a medium to reason about the ordinary landscape. J. B. Jackson is one of my references here. The way in which he writes about the ordinary landscape is not only interesting for the contents but I consider it as highly remarkable in itself as a creative use of the written word. I see no reasons why pictures of informational use could not be also good in themselves, instead when it comes to human geography the intrinsic value of the pictures is quite low. Far from me to say that my ones are better...

The roundabout here depicted is from Sernio a small village in the Sondrio Province North Italy. But more on the place and the roundabout in the next posts.

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