Sassello January 2009 #1. A sense of place.

I have spent the first days of the new year near Sassello (Savona, Italy). Not far from the sea (45 minutes by car) but on the northern side of the mountain chain behind Savona, Sassello area is a rough and somewhat inhospitable land, numerous steep hills and few roads do not allow for an easy access. Snow is frequent in December and January but not easy to catch lasting only for a few days.

This year I had the luck have the snow while I was there. The blessed event gave me the opportunity, and the motivation, to make some pictures out of what I was seeing. I focused on three areas called ``La Boiazza'', ``La Moiazza'' and ``La Maddalena'' see here.

Due to my infrequent and random presences in the area I never got to an organic project about this place. In some previous post I mentioned the difficulty I am having with the concept of project in general. A project needs a finalization as the word itself implies. The achievement of the finality implies the termination, so the death, of the project. In architecture a project has a well defined mean and invariably ends with some kind of building. Its termination is, so to say, provable. But if you, like me, consider that making pictures is a non detachable part of your life, how could you fit it all in the finiteness of a project ? Is to prove the joy of making pictures an acceptable finality ? How will you prove it to be terminated and when ?

Recently I started to think more in terms of themes. Themes do not require finalization at least.

About the picture: I am starting with a view of "La Maddalena" just to give some sense of the general look of the place.

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