pmc #7

Castelletto Casarile, Milano Italy

One of the few experiences that I clearly remember from my early youth in Nanaimo (Canada BC) is what I could call "The houses tour" my mother liked to have with my father and me. We drove around with the car to look, behind the windshield, at various modern houses and their gardens. When in Valtellina I used to satisfy my, at the time non conscious, nostalgia by looking at some old copies of "houses & gardens" she took with her getting back to Italy. The spotting of different aspects of a garden made me somewhat trained in observation (I realized this a lot later), and the magazine reading familiar with the technical imagery. It is, maybe, what Bateson calls the "secondary abilities" generally left by parents to their breed despite all the efforts in favor to the more useful believed ones. To my delight BLDGBLOG posted this on twitter a couple of days ago.

A big thanks for the mention to Kent Wiley of Man Made Wilderness. I like his straight style. Making landscape images from the actual world poses a lot of problems on object/subject choice. But certainly scarceness is not one of them.


Kent Wiley said...

Mauro, you're welcome for the mention. You're pointing me in a lot of different directions I've never been aware of. How it impacts my photography - who knows?

This is a really intriguing image. Once again, I'd love to see it closer, see all the elements this structure contains. Any chance for another view? The dominance of the concrete wall says a lot to me.

Mauro Thon Giudici said...

Kent, I'm having some problems in sequencing pmc views. The idea is to stay on the impression so it is somewhat difficult to insert other views of the subject. The pictures however exists since I generally work out each place as a separate theme. I've seen, and got interested in, your attempt in organizing a story. For almost the same reasons I'm following the optimus Joe Reifer, he does some good research in sequences.
Hope to have soon a site to resolve the problem of different theme across a corpus of images. I'm working on it.

Kent Wiley said...

I'm sympathetic. I'll be interested to see what you come up with, but completely understand that you are at this point interested in the PMC category & not necessarily many details.