Fondovalle (valley floor). Three morning views

Tovo S.Agata Valtellina Sondrio

A photograph preserves a moment of time and prevents it being effaced by the supersession of further moments. In this respect photographs may be compared to images stored in memory. Yet there is a fundamental difference: whereas remembered images are the residue of a continous experience, a photograph isolates the appearances of a disconnected instant.
From "Another way of telling" by John Berger

Fondovalle is one of my oldest themes. I could say that its the Theme since my first photo. Taking pictures of these places helps me to stay in touch with em even if my position is now more that of an informed tourist instead of that of an insider as in my youth. This, for me, is one of the difficulties of the theme. Some times the weight of the memories gets in making things less clear. So I'm constantly suspended between the emotional plane given by the memories and the pictorial one where I simply try to make an honest description of the place.

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