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Getting back to find a beginning of the concept of landscape i got in some kind of detour. The techniques of the miniaturist or it is better to say "illuminati" from "Arte Illuminandi" (supposed from "alluminandi" which has its meaning in the preparation of the basis for manuscript decoration).

To have a general idea go here.

Unfortunately i could not find the most interesting one "De arte illuminandi" online. But i found an interesting translation from Italian to English of "Trattato della pittura di Cennino Cennini da Colle di Valdelsa". The amazing thing is the amount of technical data and detail on how to make colors and other components. They had to do everything by themselves. The interesting thing is that miniaturist and later painters also had to know some notions of alchemy. But on this more in a next post.

The English one.
The Italian one is here.

As a photographer there are lot of entry points. The most interesting ones are those about luminance and color related to body parts. The reading takes 2 to 3 hours (skip freely to get down to the minimum).

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