Photo environment: species at risk

"Those of you who are still (maybe always) rank amateurs and dilettantes, whether by happenstance or intent, I mean you no disrespect. I think making photographs for any reason whatsoever is a fine and dandy thing. It's only that you're not the folks I write for, primarily. No hard feelings nor disrespect intended, okay?".
Just stay away from those nice gorilla females and everything will be fine.

Last statement added by me (sorry could not resist) the rest comes from here.

Come on, what does it mean being serious (or pro) in photography ? that you have to smile to your customer if he tells you that the model (or the spouse) looks a bit fat while actually being a whale ? Or pretend to live on the fine prints you are selling at such low prices that even an hamster could not be fed by ? Or that you have to make a bank loan for a, "pro", camera while you amateur dentists can buy three of them by the monthly income ?

I find this offensive. First because a lot of photographers who did great works where amateurs or still are. Second, yes i live well being a computer scientist while studying and trying an awful lot at photography and, by the way, serious computer scientists can give you a nice match in understanding what is going on in a digital darkroom (but i suppose that is not pro since there are no pro computers).

Fortunately the forest in which you live does not present great interests and maybe it does not even exist. But be aware that species evolution is not always for the best.

May i suggest that cooperation is better than exclusion when the matter gets harder or more complex to understand ?

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