Fondovalle. Autumn morning light.

A thing that amazed me in studying Constable's time frame is the constant attention to adapt models of painted landscape coming mainly from Italy and Holland to the locally, adn actual, available subjects and visual experiences. This effort constitutes one of the most original aspects of the British painting of the time given the substantially static location of all the previous development in painting. The same effort was to be done, later, in the USA by the Hudson River School. Today adaptation of models seems a somewhat secondary problem. Differently localized landscapist, in the search of what are considered mainstream subjects either move around the world to reach the original locations or simply represent only the parts of their own landscape that somewhat resemble the original ones. This applies to urban landscape too. Personally, in my need to express my visual ideas and feelings, I am placing the need to adapt the landscape imaging models to my own experience and this is one of my main aims at the moment. Perhaps this may result in being quite difficult but I like challenges.

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paolo said...

molto bella, mi piacciono i toni verdi della campagna sul fondale scuro della montagna in ombra.