Parco Agricolo Sud Milano. Rites of passage #1

Perhaps its some  pre industrial piece of my cognitive system floating around but I'm quite sensible to seasonal changes. Can't get used to this. Photographically speaking the passage from Winter to  Spring is always busy. Things happen at such a speed. Nature -- if we may still call it that way -- at the latitudes from which I'm writing is exploding of life again and it happens in a really compressed   interval of time. I'm a bit late on my schedule on the theoretic neighbourhoods too. To be honest the main reason is that I've decided, before prosecuting, to have a look at Kant's "inaugural dissertation of 1770" mainly cause it seems a good liminal space in which perform a passage from Geography to Philosophy. But I've forgot how Kant is hard to read so it will take a bit more time and posts to get there. Apologies for this.


Mike C. said...

Mauro, anyone who reads Kant when they don't have to is some kind of hero (or some kind of lunatic, so often the same thing) ;)

What do you read for relaxation?


Mauro Thon Giudici said...

Mike I would opt for the "lunatic" :-) its the best fit.

Relaxation is a strong word whose semantic is uncertain from my viewpoint. Anyway these days I'm rereading Queneu "les fleur bleues". Its the "re" that relaxes me. Almost the same I'm feeling reading Kant's constructions.