quadro #18 urbana the return

After the brief snowy interlude I am continuing the series of my views of the area nearby home. As stated before this is a series of ordinary views. Something I see every day. There already are a lot of photos of this area. Most of them has the vernacular as the focal point. Other ones are made with spectacular intents ending up in a view that has little difference from any other metropolitan area. What I am at is to show how the various signs (in semiological terms) contribute to the formation of the urban landscape and consequentially to the formation of the perceived identity of the places. Living in a place with a lot of history behind is almost ideal for the purpose. But to combine all the various semiotic strata in something that could be seen is a more complex and challenging matter.

The methodology followed is the usual of making detours conceptually predefined but not strictly planned except for the starting point.

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