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I made some updates in my blogroll (a thing, among the others, I am quite late in doing). The blogs reported are a selection of the ones that I follow via my RSS reader. As with all blogs I do not necessarily agree with everything posted there nor I am interested in any return (well some critique could be appreciated even included some considerations about my "cowish" English). Mainly the reported ones made me feel connected with them by means of experience or effort in the "photographic and human landscape".

Far from me to be selective in terms of photographic quality of any kind. This blog is related to my vision and does not want to compete with other ones more oriented to operate as a "portal", more I am also a bit against the temptation to act as a "miniaturized" critic.

As stated in the opening of this blog my main intent is to give out some resources I have found to be of some importance or relevance in the domain of landscape photography and more to present some thoughts on landscape in general. At the very beginning I did not intend to publish any of my pictures till some projects could be considered closed. But it is pretty difficult to speak of photography without a picture. Eventually looking for images to publish singularly delayed the projects even more. But also made me think about the sense of staying on the internet in a blogging style. Blogs are not well suited for projects. So I came to the idea of micro projects, something that could be developed in 3 to 6 images. I made the first attempt with the roundabout series and a second with the Halloween one.

Projects and micro projects too are somehow far from the streaming form of this media (the blog). A project is about something already happened (in photographic terms), closed and as such dead. But maybe it is my need to elaborate upon everything. Fact is that even without a reader this blog is for me the first time I had the courage to put my photographic nose out of the door and this is challenging.

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