Milan ordinary landscapes. Centro Leoni #1

I've casually got to this place. While I was looking at it asking myself how to render the impression that made me stop, a group of runners appeared out of nothing. At that point I could not resist. The low contrast and the smooth yellows where attracting even if the light was a bit lacking in contrast. Generally a picture classified as a landscape is expected to represent something lasting, or at least static, but this is only a cultural expectation, a projection, so to say, of our desire to possess even the time and control it. Much of the landscape freely published or taken with compact cameras or by compulsive clicking is nothing more than an abstract try in appropriating of something that in some way resonates with a memory or an experience or even an idea. It does not take that much to understand that there is a profound difference between trying to share a vision and trying to possess something.


Kent Wiley said...

An interesting location for a park...I like the light , Mauro. At least on my monitor it looks pink/magenta. Is this accurate for what you saw?

I see this expectation difference for landscape vs. snapshot even within myself. The pictures I take while walking around w/ my "digital pea shooter" are mere memory glimpses at objects that might some day accumulate into something more significant - or get used for ideas on the blog. But when I take out the 4 x 5 Linhof I expect to capture more significant views that I hope to be able to add to my portfolio.

Mauro Thon Giudici said...

Kent it could be that I have over saturated em a bit. But yes a faint magenta dominant was present due to the dim sunlight diffused by the thick haze. Tomorrow, before publishing the next batch I will rework them. Let me know.

Kent Wiley said...

The pink/magenta does seem less pronounced now, Mauro.