Milan ordinary landscapes. Porta Garibaldi #6

Here is an addition to my drift/dérive around Porta Garibaldi. I've added a coloured path to the map.


Kent Wiley said...

Mauro, these three are wonderful additions. The density of detail is staggering, and artfully captured.

Once again, you've introduced me to concepts I've never heard of nor even imagined: the dérive. I read the essay by Debord here, and find the idea intriguing, but tantalizingly vague and... annoyingly conceptual.

It seems to me that (whatever the intended results of these journeys may be) the resident of a particular locale who wanders in his own neighborhood is going to have vastly different results from me who has never set foot in that neighborhood.

Anyway, taking a camera is surely the perfect means of "data collection" during these journeys. No doubt Debord and his fellow Surrealists would have killed for a digital camera during their travels. You're onto something, but I have an empiricist's need for more... concrete results. I can really appreciate that you are not "wandering aimlessly" through the streets of Milano.

Mauro Thon Giudici said...

Kent, to point out intriguing options is one of my aims here, so to speak it is the reason I've found to give something back to the follower, a "social service" as I like to think about.

And looking at past theorizations is a way, as many others, to find out starting points. Ideas come from other ideas and so on.

But you point out an interesting question the difference in views between the locale and the outsider, this is and interesting point and maybe a possible future development for visual exchanges.

Kent Wiley said...

"...this is and interesting point and maybe a possible future development for visual exchanges."

Definitely. I'm always interested in new projects. Some transatlantic collaboration, perhaps? What do you have in mind?

What would you say to editing a group of photos that I sent you about a dérive I went on in my home town, then we'll put them put on either ManMadeWilderness or On Landscape, or both?

Mike C. said...

Ah, the derive! Are you interested in SI and/or psychogeography, Mauro? One forgets how theoretical everything once was...


Mauro Thon Giudici said...

Mike, I'm re reading the SI after 30 years. Yes you are right sometimes it feels like some kind of mental masturbation. But some thing, especially Psycogeography, may have some value in subjectiveness. I've got there in a study in geography but more on this in the next post.

Tnx for visiting.