Milan ordinary landscapes. Late winter fog.

On Geography and Landscape photography again.

In the previous post I've pointed out some connections Landscape Photography has with Geography, or better Humanist Geography. In a lot of cases on each side the work is in making "borders", what is in and what is out. However Geography now relies on a gigantic amount of data, and with the Internet the sources grew exponentially. While in the case of Critical Geography we are more on the side of the paradigmatic change (or several paradigmatic changes competing or collaborating) in the case of NeoGeography we land on a totally different view, that of the fun in making new maps. It is an other side, that of the quantities, but this time not in scarce ratio but overly abundant, something to play with if you like. While I was there I've made some searches on issuu and I've found this text, more on the paradigmatic side, that has a nice delineation of Geography's spaces at the beginning: "Is Geography Destiny". The title itself is full of "cosmic" interest :-D

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