Milan ordinary landscapes. Giardino Robert Baden-Powell #1

Just a short quote for this post.

... when I was photographing in Vermont, photographing the landscape, I didn't know what the landscape was ... I mean the landscape was picture to me. What I was trying to find was the ideal landscape that I'd seen in other pictures. I could never find it, but it was the landscape I was looking for. And so somehow even though I was trying, sometimes, I could never see the real landscape. I could never see the landscape that was there.I was always seen through this haze of other pictures, that in some ways I was trying to reproduce, or reproduce the feeling of it.

"Thoughts on Landscape" by Frank Gohlke

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Mark M said...

My copy of the Gohlke book finally arrived and I've been enjoying it a lot. It is very thoughtful and made a nice accompaniment to a recent trip to Texas.