Fondovalle. Motocross field

Given the restricted available spaces one could argue that motocross must be a quite common activity among locals. It is not. The field has been established in the public property eliminating the remaining vestiges of one of the few marshes in the higher part of the Adda waterway. Local inhabitants however seem not to care that much about the ecological loss (neither to the noise amplified by the sounding board effect of the valley). The general perception of the value of the area was pretty low given its "unproductive" status.


Mike C. said...

God, that's a terrible sight,isn't it? Conflicts over land use often seem to be staged between "natives" and "incomers", with the natives usually on what (I presume) we would consider the "wrong" side.

I'll never forget the first time I encountered a 4x4 coming towards me at high speed on a "green lane" in Wales. But the driver was a local farmer, letting off steam with some off-road action, and I was just a tourist, enjoying a break from urban chaos.

It does take an effort of imagination to see a marshy field as a precious habitat, rather than just an underused resource. Ask the Dutch! ;)

Mauro Thon Giudici said...

and just a kilometer south another one (in the bordering village) appeared a couple of months ago.
Here we are speaking of five to ten individuals, insiders, taking fun.
I do not like in general to blame things. In this case, however, my feelings are a bit to much tied to the view.
A thing that I have learned is that frequently locals to places having poor soils happen to hate their land, even if they wont admit it. Its a generational attitude. People here still remembers the poor pre postindustrial (there's never been a properly industrial one) times. I suppose that, in different times, it happened almost every where in our Western world.