pmc #2

Trezzano sul Naviglio, Milano Italy


MetalloUrlante said...

What's that?
Church? Prison?

Mauro Thon Giudici said...

A private house.

Kent Wiley said...

Wow - that's an ugly one.

Could you define again your visual criteria for the "Post Modern Condition?"

Mauro Thon Giudici said...

Thanks for Visiting Kent. I was planning to give some more explanations in the post I'm going to publish tomorrow.
I've voluntarily left it in the air since the was getting to long for a blog.

Anyway I wont define the house ugly, amusing may be more appropriate.

Kent Wiley said...

Mauro, good to hear you're going to explain...

Hmmm, you might want to call the house amusing. I'm going to stick w/ ugly - beyond amusing.

Mauro Thon Giudici said...

Kent a couple of explanation on the house, maybe it can help me in clearing the concept of pmc.

The house itself is an interesting assemblage of symbols. Starting form the statues, obvious fakes of Greek inspiration, The style of the upper windows are of Moorish inspiration. The entrance is modernist. The lower windows are vaguely form the nineties (insulated). The chimneys tell you how this place had mostly low height houses at the time of the basic building. The palm has three distinct symbolic meanings: The Catholic one, The Fascist one and the South Italian one. If you look at the materials it comes out clear that it was built in the sixties or seventies. A time when in Italy vast amounts of population migrated from the south to the north (where the picture is located), my parents migrated to Canada btw.

Except for my position (and the symbols I added by myself from my specific point of view) as the photographer you can see that the amounts of symbols that get glued together there is vast and comes from different and not strictly unifiable sets of symbols (the subjects of pmc). That was the supposed outcome of the digital organization of the knowledge intended as a novelty by Lyotard. In this sense I'm simply presenting visual evidences that the reorganization of symbolic forms is not a strict digital domain. Instead there are several type of divisors.

Plus each of these symbols have been extracted from the whole of the originating domain.

You too have published some pictures of this kind. In the case of http://www.manmadewilderness.com/journal/2009/5/12/what-more-could-you-need.html ho have a pretty complex set of symbols.

Well this applies only to the content (subject) but that is Land scape Photography mimesis (a whole different topic) and assuming the descriptive Art status of photography.

At the end I suppose that each of us takes pictures cause we like to do it.