pmc #3 Vacancy

Cerello--Battuello, Milano Italy

Taken yesterday. It was a hot, sunny and windy day. The air was crystal clear a thing that rarely happens in the south of Milan. Goethe called it "The Misty" for good reasons. Given my habit to take casual detours I rely heavily on memory to remember places this time I was so taken by the sensation the hot sun was giving me that I forgot to pay attention to the name of the place. I've bought a gps recorder but most of the times I forget it home. Hope that the next affordable camera could have one incorporated. The picture was taken around noon as the harsh shadows testify.

I'm leaving for a short vacancy of five days. Forgive me to not reply immediately to eventual comments. In Sassello where I will be I don't have an Internet connection.

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Kent Wiley said...

Mauro, enjoy your holiday!