Fondovalle. A short diversion #1

Here is a short detour in a small marsh formed by the Adda river. Adda marshes receive water directly from the river or from its resurgences where the water gets filtered by the subtle granitic sands. The one depicted here receives waters in both ways. Being positioned near an hydroelectric plant is has a regime that somewhat resembles a natural one. Water levels more or less follow the natural ones albeit with some delays disastrous for the waterbird nests.

With this post I'm adopting a new frame. I've found that it better fits my idea of (post)modern postcard.


Mr Lee said...

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Mauro Thon Giudici said...

I'm passing this comment even if it is certainly not made in the finest traditions of the Net.

Next time instead of presenting something like a false compliment just for your promotional purposes say something meaningful (the url is going to be incorporated in the name anyway). Plus a meaningful comment will give you more chances to be visited.

The only reason I'm leaving it is for the rather strange and funny mess you have put together. Starting from Catholic idols to red guards (btw some pictures seem to come from a few years ago :-D).

Think that it is something postmodern in pure essence (the one presented in Lyotard's seminal writings). Or I must have written super-postmodern not wanting to imply an explicit intentions to do so.